General Information

Organising members of the Person Centred Approach Network (PCAN)


Sue Clipsham

Bernard Mooney

Sara Callen

Shirl Hicks

Martyn Taylor


  • Group numbers are not usually more than 25.
  • PCAN offers incentives for early booking.
  • PCAN requires non-refundable deposits for each booking
  • We recommend holiday insurance against cancellation
  • Bursaries are offered subject to adequate funds being available.
  • All venues have wheel chair accessibility
  • All types of diet can be catered for
  • We include your contact details on a participant list, unless you ask us not to.
  • Each gathering will determine its own confidentiality with regard to sharing of personal information, photographs from the event etc.
  • Our meetings are unstructured, taking encounter form usually, plus workshops developed by participants on occasion.

 The gatherings can be exciting, energising and risky. PCAN offers a rare opportunity to experience an un-facilitated temporary community. The organising group has some responsibility for ensuring that arrangements go smoothly but are not facilitated.

  • We ask each person for each person to be responsible for her/himself. We also ask each member of the community to contribute as far as they are able towards the 'duty of care'.